Our Process

We understand that your employees are your most valuable investment, and feel honoured being entrusted with such a significant responsibility. Star Planetary Human Resources Management, therefore, will go to any extent necessary, to uphold the confidence that you, our clients, place in us.

We follow a stringent recruitment procedure to ensure that your ‘human capital’ investment is well preserved. The result focused process from start to finish, is comprehensive, methodical and organized.

In-Depth Assessment Of Client’s Needs

This, we consider among the most important steps that determine our eventual performance. Our HR experts take a proactive approach for an in-depth analysis of the employer’s exact needs.

Search For The Ideal Candidates

Our search executive team takes over at this step. This team is detailed and clarified on the talent that is being sought, by the HR team. They scan our extensive talent database besides probing other resources (local and national), to short-list potential candidates.


This step involves a point by point check to ensure a perfect match between the professional and the job profile. The candidates who pass the pre-screening are more rigorously interviewed by our team of HR and industry-specific experts, which make the final selections.

Presentation to the employer

This step encompasses presenting our client with details of this final selection so they can take their picks. This is mostly done via electronic communication (phone, email, video conferencing); while employers are also welcome to visit us in our office for the same. Once the employers have made their choice(s), our negotiators get involved, to ensure that the professionals are recruited at the most competitive pay scales.

As a matter of fact, we boast of clients who feel needless to go through the credibility of our final selection. Most of our clients are instilled with high confidence, in our state-of- the-art techniques, after our very first pact with them.


This step involves the final agreement and the issuance of conditional offer, following which our pre-departure associates assist the recruited professionals with the necessary formalities.

They help the candidates through the required documentation including medical and visa / emigration clearances; and flight arrangements (ticketing) for their departure. The candidates’ arrival at the overseas destination and their first reporting on-site, are also coordinated by our officers.