Terms of Use / Legal Disclaimer

GJI Distribution/CV and Portfolio Distribution

1. GJI, an online/web-based CV provider, is only responsible for sending your files to the emails of the companies in our database. It is solely the discretion of these companies if you will be called for an interview. We do not guarantee any calls for interview or employment.

2. One payment, whether normal or express service, is equivalent to ONE upload only. Your payment means you agree to the terms and conditions set by GJI. Any payment made without our express instruction to pay is not subject to any refund or credit voucher.

3. Any and all personal details provided by you to GJI will be protected and remain strictly confidential. By virtue of your payment, you allow GJI to send your CV and/or Portfolio to all the companies listed in our database. GJI reserves the right to make minimal changes to the client’s registration and files to make them more presentable, readable and concise.

4. The client assumes the responsibility for reading and understanding the CV Distribution service offered in this website before making any payment. GJI cannot be held liable if the client’s CV reaches the current employer, or for any consequence resulting from the upload of the files to the GJI database.

5. A transferable credit voucher will be issued with a one (1) year validity from date of issue, equivalent to one (1) CV upload in lieu of a refund. The credit voucher will be issued only if the error lies with GJI. No credit voucher will be issued once the client’s CV has been successfully sent out, which concludes the transaction between GJI and client.


CV Distribution Terms & Conditions:

What are the specific locations for CV distribution?
All over India and GCC. Soon we will start give CV distribution service for other countries as well.

How I will able to know that my CV has been distributed?
You will get replies and automatic replies, Interview calls. But remember these automatic replies do not represent all of our contacts. It is only prove that your CV has been distributed. Most of the times, its only 0.03% of your CV distribution.

I am currently employed. Can I use your service?
When you emails us, you can inform us which email address(es) or domain name(s) to remove from the mailing list. Even MUST in your final mail with CV, Cover Letter and payment. However, your employer may still be able to receive your CV via other email addresses that you may not be aware of as our system is quite comprehensive. Your current employer, ideally, will not be able to receive your application but we cannot guarantee this. You upload at your own risk.

Can I use your service if I am not based in India?
Yes. Most of the companies these days conduct interviews on Skype/international number for cases like yours. (You can pay the charges from your country of residency through Bank Transfer, or online credit/debit card ).

How many transactions are covered by one payment for CV Distribution and CV Writing?
One payment is equivalent to one time CV distribution / CV writing.

How many times will you send my CV to the email addresses in your database?
Your CV will be sent to the full list of companies in our database one time, If you wish to have your CV sent again, you need to undergo the same process and make a new payment. However, if our own records show that your upload was not 100% successful, we will automatically resend your CV for free on our own initiative until upload is fully successful.

How long does it take for transaction to be processed?
Via email we will send you this information, it depends on urgent and normal service.

How long shall I wait to receive confirmation of my registration or payment, or answer to my query?
Once you send us an email, we will try to get back to you in 48 hours. Please be patient and wait for 48 hours before sending a follow up email. Our reply depends on the volume of emails being answered. Usually, it will take between 1-2 days, but if the volume is high, it may take some time before receiving a reply (3-4 days). We appreciate it if you do not send us multiple emails.

Can I register and pay in advance, and ask you to keep my CV on hold until such time that I need to have it sent?
Yes. We can process your payment and put your CV on queue and keep it on hold as per your request until you give us the go signal to send it. This ensures your CV is on top of the queue and can be readily sent out.

Do you guarantee calls for interview or employment?
No. As per our policy GJI does not give guarantee of Jobs/Interviews, but the distribution result shows that 93% of our clients get job and interview calls. We are a CV forwarder & Writing online service provider. We are not tied up with anyone else.

How will I be contacted by prospective employers?
We do not guarantee any calls for interview or promise any employment opportunity. However, make sure that the contact number and email address that you have provided in your CV are active, current and correct as these will be the means of communication between you and the companies who will receive your application.


Resume Writing Terms & Conditions:

What can I expect from the Professional CV Writing Service?
Your registration and payment will be confirmed within 48 hours of receipt by our team and our special format of questions and updating your professional resume will start, we are sure you will enjoy it.

What is next step when I pay for Professional Resume Writing?
One of our team member will send you, Questionnaire, after confirmation of your payment. Please fill it and send back to same email ID.

In how many days I will get my Professional Written Resume?
For urgent we make Professional Resume in 48 hours, after payment confirmation. For normal Professional Resume Writing, takes 3 to 7 days

Will I get soft copy of my Professional Written Resume?
Yes you will get initial and final Professional draft of your resume, for future use.

What if I want to change something in resume draft?
You can put your comments, or you can also change it according to your understanding and we will rewrite it in professional way.