Managing Director

mathew_sirMr. Mathew George is the Managing Director of  Mathew&Associates Consultants India Pvt ltd . He is a graduate in Economics with masters in Human resources management and fellowship from Human Resources Management  Experts organization. He stated his carrier as a Overseas Manpower recruiter for M/S  Toledo Company for General Contracting Riyadh Saudi Arabia  . He had recruited manpower from All Asian, African and Eastern European countries .With his Manpower recruitment expertise  he had set up Own recruitment office Mathew& Assocates Con India Pvt ltd in the year 1991 with license from Govt of India ,extended services to employment seekers  by opening offices in Nepal, Srilanka ,Bangladesh &Philippines for International Recruitment.

He had started business in Saudi Arabia ,Qatar,UAE in the name of Starsight General contracting LLC for Humane resources  outsourcing services. Started  Starsight trading Ltd, Samag resources ltd  for Payroll management which help the clients to transfer &pay  salaries to their employees who are working in remote areas of Afghanistan & Iraq from different part of world . M&A Resources ltd & Manda fincorp ltd   in Hongkong started for financial services. He had  Set up companies  in Malaysia and Cambodia for engineering services and support services for military contracts

40 years of Expertise in HR services helped him to deploy more than 100000 employees to different organization and made a net work in more than 16 countries.