Jobs in Iraq

Iraq nationals recruitment

To Recruit LN from Iraq is a challenging effort . Starsight –M&A had set up offices and associates offices in Major cities of Iraq to ful fill demand from clients and Multi national Companies in various fields and Nations . Starsight –M&A is a full service Iraqi Local Nationals recruitment and Hiring agency .We provide our services to US service contractors , Prominen oil companies from USA&UK, Construction companies from Gulf and other nations we provide a large spectrum of services

  • Direct LN Recruitment
  • Vetting and screening of CV
  • Large pool of data base
  • Direct placement services for LN
  • Monthly wise Hiring of Engineers ,QA&QC ,Admin,Logistic management ,Program Managers,Safety
    officers Technicians, Skilled & unskilled workers from LN
  • Payroll Management and Salary transfer services for employees from all Nationals
  • HR consulting
  • Vehicle Hiring
  • Support services

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