Jobs in Gulf

The Middle East countries — collectively referred to as ‘the Gulf’ – have offered hope and better livelihood and lifestyle for millions of households in India over the years. Their consumption and spending have come to be dependent on the Gulf jobs remittances. Even the economy of some places has been driven by the Non Resident Indian deposits in banks.

Jobs in the Gulf have always held a fascination for the younger generation due to the money power it wields. It is true that there is always a demand for skilled manpower in the Gulf countries and this has been utilised by many in their search for a good job and the good lifestyles possible through that. The most sought-after jobs are in destinations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Jobs in Oman and Qatar are also much sought after as all are paying jobs.

Middle East is a great place for global jobseekers and many recruitment agencies in India focus on Gulf jobs as they clearly understand the higher remuneration structure existing in the Gulf. Millions of workers from all over the world are working there. Few of the Middle Eastern states, UAE, Oman, Jordan etc. are the hottest destinations for global job seekers.